About Me:


Hey! You may already know me but if not:

                  My name is Kalyn Cook. I live 20 minutes away from Southaven. I have only been into hockey for about 2 years now, but I love it!

                 My favorite RiverKing player is definitely #16,the Assisstant Captain, Louis Dumont. lol:) A few of my other faves are Ray Jean, Ryan Held, Ryan Campbell, Stephen Margeson, Darrell Stoddard,etc.

                                     Anyway, I am a season ticket holder this year!  I also bought my first RiverKing jersey, Dumont of course....I still need a few more signatures though! I do go to After Parties and Coaches Shows from time-to-time.

              Well, that's really all about me! haha If you want to know anything or comment ,then scroll down to the Contact section of this page.



                     Contact Me:


Twitter:  Kalyn Cook

Skype: Kalyn_Cook

Email:   Kalyn_Cook16@yahoo.com


CHLForum:   RiverKingsGurl

    Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Or, If you have any thing you would like me to post on this site, just let me know! :)

Thnx! =D   Can't wait for another great season!

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