Pictures of me and the Players!


Me and #47,Stephen Margeson at the RiverKings game on December 4th,2009 :) IDK why he wasn't playing. Forgot to ask! haha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Me and Darrell Stoddard at the RiverKings game against the Colorado Eagles December 4th,2009! :) He broke his hand  by punching some other dudes helmet..haha You gotta luv Stodds! :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Me and My FAVORITE player, Louis Dumont at the Coach's Show @ O' Charley's in Southaven on November 23rd, 2009! :) He came over and sat by me for about 5-10 minutes. Really nice guy.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Me and Louis Dumont at the TGI Friday after party! :)

Me and Bobby Chaumont at the RiverKings TGI Friday's after party! :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Me and IR Golatender, Ian Keserich at the RK After Party!

Me and #14, Kavin Jarmin at TGI Friday's!

Me and coach Kevin "Killer" Kaminski at the TGI Friday's  After party!! :)



 Me and my friend,Sasha, at the TGI Fridays after party Oct. 9th! That was her time to meet the players and it was for me for some of them! :) 

Kalyn Cook (left),David Simoes,Kevin Beech,Sasha Markic,Matt Pierce

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